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Basement Renovations (Peterborough, ON)

Our basement team is comprised of our designers, installers, licensed staff and a personal project supervisor. All members of the team are trained to follow proper building codes, proper construction methods, and to consider the unique factors that may apply to your project in Peterborough, ON.

We can assist you with all of your basement renovation needs. Our Peterborough team has worked on many types of basement renovations, turning these spaces into luxurious dens, bedrooms, crafting areas, and other inviting spaces.

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Kitchen Renovation (Peterborough, ON)

Whether you're looking to upgrade your kitchen, update a bathroom, or increase your interior storage space, Right Choice Renos Inc. can help, especially if you are located in Peterborough, ON.

For most households in Peterborough ON, the kitchen is a space that is used intensively. It’s important that your kitchen provides you with the efficiency and comfort needed to breeze through your usual routine without any inconvenience.

With our kitchen renovation services, we can help you fix any issues with this area while updating its style to suit your preferences.

- Locally Owned & Operated
- Prompt Project Completion

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Bathroom Renovation (Peterborough, ON)

Are you ready to remake that old bathroom of yours? Then come to Right Choice Renos Inc. our expert team now serves Peterborough, ON, where we offer excellence in bathroom renovations.

It’s important that your bathroom provides you with all of the comfort and amenities you need. If your bathroom’s structure and fixtures are out of date or damaged, a renovation is an ideal solution for introducing efficiency and luxury to the space.

Our Right Choice Renos Inc.'s team will help you with renovations of any scale, whether you need general updating or a complete revamp.

- Detailed, meticulous approach.
- Hassle-free scheduling and efficient project planning

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